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My Friend Pedro

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You and your friend are going to start the most dangerous and the most interesting adventure. If you love playing shooting games, My Friend Pedro is a game for you. In this game you play as a Pedro's friend. Even though that pedro is invisible, he will try to help you and guide through the levels. Like any other shooting games, here your primary mission is to kill enemies and survive on the streets. The game has a really dark graphics, you are playing on night streets where every dark corner can be a danger for you.

At the beginning of your journey you have a gun. As you progress in the game, you unlock new weapons, for example double guns, or machine gun. Keep in mind that the most powerful weapons will be unlocked when you need them most. The number of enemies also increases, so keep an eye on the health bar. If your health drops down, you can get a spacial item to get back health and so on. The physics of the game is awesome, I really enjoy how the main character can jump from wall to wall. Hope that you will enjoy playing the My Friend Pedro game at our website.